Sunday, November 27, 2005


thanks (mis)giving

Thanks to everybody who's asked how -- and where -- I've been. I've had so many for-pay assignments to get done, and so many rock shows, that I've neglected this narrative. Yes, we're still here on Grand Street. No, I haven't been looking at apartments. Stephen Mejias guessed that the holiday season is the best time to find real estate bargains, and he's probably right. But I can't imagine moving during Christmas. Once we're all done giving each other presents, I'll look into springing myself from our flat.

Our landlord still seems to have no idea that our lease has ended. He hasn't raised our rent, and as prices in this neighborhood continue their insane rise, we continue to feel like we're getting away with something. That said, he still hasn't fixed the leak in the walls. He did, however, help us drag our old sofa out to the curb.

Many people have also asked after our mold. I am sure the mold appreciates the concern, and I will be sure to relay news of your curiosity to the colony. At the moment, it's out of sight. Hilary stretched plastic over the crack in the wall, and tacked it into place. Beneath the barrier, I imagine it is happily growing. At some point, the entire wall is going to have to be torn out and replaced. I expect we will be long gone by then.

Because the capricious god that organizes my affairs enjoys metadiscourse, I also find myself working on a grand, sweeping article about real estate in Downtown Jersey City. I am doing this for an unpretentious but functional local publication. It's not meant to be polemical or anything, so it's not going to be a confrontational piece. I also don't want to anger any of my sources. But as I write this, I'm also going to need an outlet for my frustrations, and for whatever is left of my social-crusading wit. This space isn't dead yet.

Anyway, I am still here, still queer, and still getting used to it.

Place for rent, directly across the street from us. Just so you know...
There are still pockets of sensible rents in Jesrey City. Not just in the high crime areas (JC Heights - whwre the ex-mayor lives - who knew), but in relatively undiscovered areas that are in the early stages of turnaround.

But JC is upcoming (I'm about to write a post on that very subject) in a bigger way than most folks realize. You're seeing the rents go up, that's an indication. Have you noticed the uptick in newer, more expensive cars on JC's streets? Scrape together some cash and grab hold of a piece of it.
mobile home in new jersey
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