Tuesday, February 21, 2006


2006: let's try this again

Jersey City Vibe
has asked me to write a bi-weekly events column for their site. Even though I haven’t been too engaged with what’s been going on in Jersey City lately, I agreed. I’m going to be writing capsule previews of three different musical events. I’ll also be doing a brief, five-question interview with one of the artists previewed. Here’s the first issue of the column – sort of a trial version of what I’ll be doing:


The name of the column is Breaking The Silence. During 2005, I’d come to think of Jersey City as the Land of Silence, and not just because 111 was shut down and Uncle Joe’s was knocked down. I’m also breaking my own silence about Jersey City, since I have had very little to say about it since the fall of the Arts Center. I’d like to change that, but I really can’t do it without your help. So if you’re involved in any musical event taking place in Jersey City – or even if you know of a musical event taking place in Jersey City – please let me know about it. I’m actively looking for interesting things to cover.

The next column will likely be posted on Wednesday, March 1.

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