Monday, September 26, 2005


all you stereophiles

Stephen Mejias wrote a little bit about the Courthouse show on his new weblog -- one he's doing for Stereophile magazine. To be more fair, though, Stephen did much more than that. He helped me put the show together. In fact, were it not for the assistance of Stephen and Hilary on Saturday night, I would have had to check myself in to the Montgomery Medical Center. And as the building is going condo, there aren't any beds there anymore.

To all of you who came to the Courthouse on Saturday: thank you. I know it's an unconventional venue, and some serious cognitive dissonance goes along with any rock performance in a public building. Next month, I'll be playing a show at Rothko, and it'll feel good to be back in a real NYC club. But it's these struggles to get our strange, out-of-the-way buildings to sing that makes me appreciate Maxwell's and the Mercury Lounge all the more.

Okay, show's over. Back to the apartment stuff tomorrow.

see, i'll take the courthouse over the living room any day:

1) you can hear the lyrics
2) people don't talk
3) the reverb is mindblowingly natural
4) at the end of the night, there's a leftover glass of merlot that consessions is desperate to get rid of...
Gettin drunk in a courthouse. How'd I miss this?
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